Estate Sale Thank You!

Estate Sale Thank You!

Estate Sale Thank You!

The Woman’s Guild has done it again! The St. Peter’s Estate Sale and Rush Hour Sale on November 10th and 11th was extremely successful for the four Outreach Charities (Beyond Housing, Episcopal City Mission, The Haven of Grace, and Magdalene St. Louis) which are supported by St. Peter’s Church.

This is a special tribute to the Woman’s Guild for doing such a fabulous job on a super successful Estate Sale once again for our 4 Outreach Charities this year 2017! For a relatively small group of women, a tremendous amount of work was completed with love, energy, diligence, dedication, pride, and stamina for the benefit of our four Outreach Charities. These ladies spent countless hours collecting, sorting, pricing, packing and unpacking treasures, rearranging, and placing them just in the right spot for all to see and purchase at this year’s St. Peter’s Woman’s Guild Estate Sale. A great time was had by everyone who attended including workers as well as shoppers and previewers.

Not to be forgotten is our own organist, David Sinden, who so graciously allowed us to continue and closeout our sale following the wonderful Evensong service on that Sunday evening making our sale a SMASHING SUCCESS!!!

A big thank-you to all committees and parishioners for their help! We couldn’t have done it without you!! We would especially like to thank:

  • Volunteers & Parishioners who brought baked goods, donated wares and treasures, and volunteered their time to help us
  • Woman’s Guild Members
  • Men’s Breakfast Club Members
  • Prayer Group Members
  • Youth Group Members & Maria, Youth Director • Secretaries- Carol & Jacquelyn • Custodian – Tony • Reverends – Luke, Kelly, & Ian • Photographers – Tony Huenneke & Tom Whitener • Musicians – Kevin Koontz & Don Franz
  • Preview Party Workers & Estate Sale Committee Members • Carolyn LaGrange & Crew for services and donations

A final thank you should be given to every single individual who helped us in any way at all to achieve the success of the sale to enable us to help our 4 Outreach Charities to better the lives of others. THANK YOU EVERYONE for you are to be commended! So until next year, start saving and donating those treasures so that we can have a WIN WIN event for year 2018!

Cheryl & Randy Meyer
St. Peter’s Estate Sale Chairs