Fifty Days of Easter

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Day 24: Imagining Your Preferred Future

Fifty Days of Easter: Day 23
Imagining Your Preferred Future

If you are not co-creating your preferred future with God and the people you love you will be the victim of someone else’s future.
In tonight’s zoom meeting we will be looking at imagining our preferred future and creating our personal dream for our lives. 
One of the things the pandemic has clearly brought into focus is that much of our life is beyond our control. I think of healthy people going about their daily life one day and being dead a few days later. Or major businesses that were doing well, employing thousands of people and are now on the verge of bankruptcy, with unemployment consequences for many people. Or we can think of other natural disasters, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, and other pandemics. None of the people impacted did anything wrong. These events were beyond their ability to control.
While there are some things we can do to reduce the probability of suffering such a calamity, it is impossible to live risk free, and the bottom line is many things are beyond out control. Which leaves us with two things to focus on:
What is always within our control is how we will respond to these events. We can see this in the pandemic. Over and over again, I see the pandemic bringing out the best in people. When people are motivated by love and caring good things are happening in the way people are responding. On the other hand, I also seeing it bringing out the worst in people. Where fear rules, rampant individualism pervades, and mean-spirited, hostile acts occur.
The Martians aren’t making me mad, the pandemic isn’t making me mad, the politicians aren’t making me mad, I am making me mad. Stepping back and discovering the mechanism by which we personally get mad is very important in regaining a sense of control and freedom regardless of the circumstances. One of the key things to gaining our personal control is to observe and own our values that are being violated when we get mad. Then we can intentionally ask ourselves what is the best strategy to honor those values. Check last weeks reflections on values and what gets us mad for additional information.
The second thing to pay attention to are those things that are within our control. While in the big scheme we have no absolute control, there are many things in our lives where we can exercise some degree of control. We still have lots of freedom to choose what we do in our daily life and in planning our futures.
This is what we will explore this evening, especially as it relates to creating a purposeful vision for our lives. I do not think our existence is an accident. We were created by God to manifest a God-given purpose in the world. The discovery of ourselves at our best, congruent with our values that are honed by the Gospel is the path we are taking to discover our personal core purpose.
Prayer for this Day
Oh God of peace, keep us from a mindless acceptance of things as they are.
Let us all know that at the heart of change and turbulence there is an inner calm that comes from faith in you, and that from this central heart of peace, there would flow a spirit of wonder, creativity, and compassion to inspire and energize our daily lives. Amen.
Blessing for Our Journey
God the Creator grant you grace to see yourself as God made you and never anything less.
God of Love grant you grace to value yourself as God values you,   and never to sell yourself short.
God of Life grant you grace to dream God’s purpose for you and to never settle for mediocrity.
And the Blessing of God Almighty Creator, Lover, and Giver of Life be with you now and forever.

With Easter Joy

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