Sing at St. Peter’s

St. Peter’s Choir

The Parish Choir membership consists of volunteer singers from the parish and paid Staff Singers.

Parishioners who are interested in singing in the Choir should contact the Director of Music for an audition.

Staff Singers also serve as members of the St. Peter’s Singers, a 16-voice professional ensemble that sings a monthly Choral Evensong service.

There is no expectation that a Staff Singer be an Episcopalian; qualified singers are hired regardless of religious affiliation. See below for a complete position description.

Open Staff Singer Positions

The St. Peter’s Choir sings in the typical English double choir arrangement. As you face the Choir, the Cantoris (Can.) side is on the left, and the Decani (Dec.) side is on the right. When music is divided as “Choir I” and “Choir II,” Dec. sings Choir I, and Can. sings Choir II.

Vacancies are currently being filled in the following positions:

  • Alto (Decani)
  • Bass 1 (Decani)
  • Bass 2 (Decani)

Staff Singer Position Description (PDF file).

St. Peter’s is also currently seeking a part-time Assistant Organist and Director of Music.

Updated 30 August 2017.

The Director of Music, David Sinden, is always delighted to hear from interested singers.
Please email
or telephone (314) 993-2306 ext. 105