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Adult Confirmation

3/26/19 | Formation

Adult Confirmation

Would you like to become an Episcopalian??? 

If you have come to St. Peter’s from another denomination and would like to become an official Episcopalian, here’s your chance!  Parishioners are welcomed into the Episcopal Church during the Bishop’s visit on May 19.  You are welcomed in one of two ways, by Confirmation or Reception.  If you have already been confirmed in another church, you will be received by Bishop Smith.  If you have not been confirmed, this is your chance to confirm your faith as was done in your baptism.  If you’ve been confirmed for years, but feel called to profess your faith more strongly (and who wouldn’t???), the bishop will offer a prayer to Re-affirm your faith.  So there are three prayers the Bishop offers:  confirmation, reception, and re-affirmation. 

The Confirmation series for Adults will be take place on April 7, 14, 28 and May 5 during the Rector’s Forum at 9:15am.  The Confirmation service with Bishop Smith will be May 19 at 10:30.  This four-week course is open to everyone, but is the opportunity to learn about the Episcopal Church and to prepare to be received, confirmed, or to reaffirm your faith.  To register, email the rector at .