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Bishop’s Visitation & Confirmation

5/9/19 | Worship, Youth Ministry

Bishop’s Visitation & Confirmation

On Sunday, May 19, we will celebrate Confirmation, as well as our Episcopal visitation by The Right Reverend George Wayne Smith, Bishop of The Diocese of Missouri! This will be a day of joy and celebration as we officially welcome many of our youth into the Episcopal Church! Don’t miss this special occasion!

Breakfast will be served that morning from 8:45 until 10:00am. Bishop Smith will teach the Bishop’s Forum at 9:15 that morning in the Undercroft. At the 11:45am Coffee Hour we will celebrate the newly Confirmed. Please join in the festivities!

An offering will be received on Sunday for the Mission of the Diocese of Missouri. Bishop Smith explains how those funds will support each of these ministries:

 “Both far off….Our partners in Lui Diocese are eager to build a Diocesan Conference Center where people can come from all around the Church in Lui to teach and learn, to be together, and to collaborate.”

 “And near….Pockets of dire need and poverty exist within the borders of The Diocese of Missouri, in urban locales and rural.”

 “God’s mission in the world is to reconcile all things and all people through Jesus Christ. The more anxious the times, the more we need in this Diocese to participate in God’s mission.”

Bishop George Wayne Smith

Offering envelopes for this special offering will be in the pews. Thank you for your generous response!