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Annual Giving Update

10/22/20 | Stewardship

St. Peter’s relies on the faithfulness and generosity of all parishioners to support the work we are called to do each year. Your participation makes a difference!             As of...

2021 Annual Stewardship Campaign

10/8/20 | Stewardship

This Sunday we kick off our 2021 Annual Giving Campaign. We are all God's stewards for St. Peter's Church. It is your generosity that makes the ministry and work of our parish possible and in this time of uncertainty, it is needed more than...

Financial Giving Through the Summer

8/20/20 | Stewardship

Don’t forget St. Peter’s while you are away! Your financial support is needed during the summer when contributions tend to decline, and is especially important this year while we are not worshipping together. Plate offerings and...

Special Gifts

5/7/20 | Stewardship

Celebrate Mother’s Day with a Special Gift What a perfect time to show your gratitude with a gift in honor or in memory of your Mom, a special person in your life, a healthcare worker, or a special teacher. Your gift will support the...

2020 Stewardship Update

2/20/20 | Stewardship

2020 ANNUAL GIVING CAMPAIGN In this new year, please help us wrap up our 2020 campaign by sending in your pledge if you haven’t yet. We invite you to consider a gift to St. Peter’s in thanksgiving for all the ways God lives through...

Year-End Offering

12/24/19 | Stewardship

The Church Office will close at Noon on Christmas Eve and will remain closed the rest of the week.  The Finance Office will be open on Monday, December 30th and until Noon on Tuesday, December 31st to receive your contributions.  Please...

2020 Annual Giving Campaign

11/7/19 | Stewardship

 2020 ANNUAL GIVING CAMPAIGN Pledging financial support is an important spiritual exercise which allows us to reflect on the gifts God has given us and express our thanks by giving back. Prayerful consideration and reflecting on our faith...