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Donate to Sunday Flowers!

7/25/18 | Worship

Donate to Sunday Flowers!

Message from Ann Burroughs:

For the past 15 years, I have been blessed with the opportunity to serve the Church by working with parishioners to facilitate the donation of altar flowers. It has been a privilege to help bring beauty to the sanctuary, to help families commemorate important milestones, and to form meaningful friendships with parishioners through this work. I extend my sincere thanks to Pat Gilbert, my predecessor, who established thoughtful guidelines, to Carol Lyons who has been a devoted collaborator, and to all the wonderful St. Peter's members who made my "job" a joy and delight.

Note:   Thank you, thank you, Ann! The staff, clergy and parishioners are so grateful for your many hours of behind the scenes work on this important ministry to St. Peter’s.   

New Guidelines for Sunday Flowers Donations

The altar flowers that beautify our worship are given to the glory of God! The Sunday flowers are ordered by the Church Office by agreement with a local florist, except for the Sundays following a memorial service or wedding. Donations for flowers may be made in memory or in honor of loved ones, with the acknowledgements printed in the Sunday bulletins.

 To donate for flowers, follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to the parish website at http://stpetersepiscopal.org/worship/sunday-flowers/ or contact Carol Lyons, our Parish Secretary (314-993-2306, ext. 101; ).

  2. Choose the Sunday date for your gift. If you would like your memorial or thanksgiving listed in the Sunday bulletin, fill out the information at least two weeks in advance. Please note that all who wish to donate are welcome for each Sunday and parishioners may donate for flowers on more than one Sunday of the year.

  3. Indicate your preference for the wording printed in the Sunday bulletins. The format is:
    The flowers are given to the glory of God in loving memory of ______________, by _____________________.
    The flowers are given to the glory of God in honor of (or in thanksgiving for) the Birth/Baptism/Marriage/Anniversary/Birthday of __________________, by _____________________.

  4. Make your donation, either through the parish website, or by sending your check to the parish office. Make checks payable to St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, and mark it for FLOWERS. The suggested donation is a minimum of $100. The actual cost of the flowers each week is $173.

Four easy steps! And finally, did you know that after worship services volunteers divide the flowers into smaller bouquets and deliver them to parishioners, to add a little cheer where needed?