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#livelikecharlie #givelikecharlie

5/9/19 | Fellowship

#livelikecharlie #givelikecharlie

On Monday, May 6, St. Peter’s hosted the first annual blood drive in memory of Charlie Gillis. The undercroft was filled with music and laughter as 80 people came to donate throughout the day. Below is a note from Jenn Gillis who coordinated this amazing event.

To All of the #livelikecharlie #givelikecharlie HEROES!!


First of all, thank you, thank you for showing up for Charlie! Whether you ended up being able to donate or not, whether you baked cookies or ate cookies, whether you gave platelets or POWER RED donations, whether it was your first time giving or you’re an old pro - without you, none of this would have been possible.

Our team of nurses from the Red Cross was blown away by the turn-out, the happy, cheerful vibe of the day and by all of you. I even shared the Charlie-play list with one of them :) They said more than once that they had NEVER seen a blood drive like this before! We had a goal of 50 units of blood for the 5 hour period and they informed me at the beginning that “we would never hit it” - basically good luck. But they don’t know our friends…

We had 80 people show up to give (!!!) and we collected 65 pints of blood - smashing the goal and impacting up to 195 hospital patients. Each unit can be shared 3 ways so you can do the math! We had 54 first time donors - and all of you were incredibly brave and patient and awesome. All of the nurses want to come back again next year - so, we’re on! This will be an annual event and you were here at the beginning. You showed up for Charlie and for us and the good that is being done just keeps multiplying. 

So thank you for giving, consider making it a habit (you can give every 56 days) and think of Charlie every time you do. 

With so much love and gratitude and joy -


Parish Blood Drive