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Sign Up for the Youth Mission Trip or Stay!


Sign Up for the Youth Mission Trip or Stay!

Summer is just around the corner! St. Peter's Youth have the opportunity to participate in the Sr. High Mission Trip to San Diego, CA, or the Jr. High Mission Stay, helping organizations in our own backyard!

From June 25-28, youth currently in 5th through 7th grade are invited to participate in our Junior High Mission Stay! Each day, the youth will serve with different organizations, eat lunch, and then have some fun around St. Louis. Contact Fr. Joseph  for more information and to sign up for this amazing opportunity!

The deadline to register for our Sr. High Mission Trip is Wednesday, April 3! This year we will be traveling to San Diego, CA,  June 16 - 21, 2019!

Our group will have the opportunity to partner with...

St. Paul’s Senior Day program which provides comprehensive care and engaging activates for seniors with varying needs. Many of the individual day programs are specially designed for seniors with mild to moderate dementia to give them a day of engagement and socialization.

Harvest CROPS which harvests 340,000 pounds a year to provide fresh produce to the working poor and underemployed and promotes collaboration, to empower individuals, families, and groups to make hunger never be an option.

Father Joe's Village which fights homelessness in San Diego. At least 9,000 people are experiencing homelessness every night in San Diego. Of those, nearly 5,000 men, women and children lie down to sleep each night on sidewalks, in doorways, canyons and alleys. They live without regular access to food or water, and no place to use the bathroom, wash their hands, bathe or do laundry.

People who are homeless are at greater risk of serious illness, mental health issues, substance abuse and violence. Father Joe’s Villages has helped more than 5,600 people achieve permanent housing in the last 5 years alone, through its four pillar approach:

Haven of Hope which is a 12-month, comprehensive Women and Children’s Center program helps get families back on their feet, kids back in school, and hope back in their lives. Through this residential program, women are able to find the healing they need while simultaneously continuing to raise their children.

Haven of Hope provides long-term treatment to residents while incorporating Biblical principles into their lives, leading to lasting, transformative change. In addition to meeting basic needs such as food and shelter, Haven of Hope includes specialized classes, parenting and life skills training, therapy, and skills-building geared toward helping residents avoid abusive relationships. School-aged children receive such services as after-school tutoring, individual on-site counseling, school supplies and a secure playground.

We will also be able to experience the Latino culture of San Diego, and one evening, we will walk to the Mexican border and learn about the history of the border from an organization that works to provide justice for immigrants. In addition, we will attend a bilingual church service and enjoy a cookout with the community.

The cost per youth is $900, which will cover their airfare, ground transportation, and accommodations. Youth are encouraged to bring about $200 for fun money and some meals. Scholarships are available. Please speak with Fr. Joseph.

We are also looking for a female chaperone to accompany our group! If you are interested, please contact Fr. Joseph at

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