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St. Peter’s Christmas Pageant Tradition

1/16/20 | Christian Education

St. Peter’s Christmas Pageant Tradition

“Joy to the world!  The Lord is come:  Let earth receive her King.”

Each year St. Peter’s has a meaningful tradition of having a Children’s Christmas Pageant on Christmas Eve during the service of Holy Eucharist.  Our Pageants have grown tremendously and the last two years and we have had more than 80 children age four to 7th Graders and their Confirmation Leaders participate to tell the story of Christ’s birth.  Our church is so fortunate to have the children’s enthusiasm and the parents’ support as our Wise Men and Women, angels, various animals, shepherds, and soldiers recreate the story of the Nativity.  Our scenery and some of our costumes were designed by the Repertory Theatre of St. Louis many years ago and we treasure them today (though I have heard the donkey’s costume is itchy).  Even with this year’s sheep illness that took us from eight sheep to only two overnight we all agreed that this year’s Pageant was the best yet!

Special thanks to all our Stars of the Pageant: Beau, Stella and Hawk Bergquist; Becky, Camilla, Caroline and Ford Brauer; Locke and Will Carmichael; Margot and Marianne Crowley; Ziggy Drexilius; Brooke and Graham Dunaway; Alex, Charlie and Lizzie Dutcher; Boardie and Emma Fouke; Brody, Max and Will Frank; Reid, Ruthie and Teddy Haffenreffer; Charlie Heinzel; Matthew Heuermann; Hope, Maude and Sam Jernagan; Charlotte Medler; Drew Messey; Delaney Miranda; Laurion and Ramsey Nicholson; Amie and Anders Reboulet; Cullen Saettele; Gabo and Johanna Sanchez; Claire and Norah Schettler; William Sinden; Harper, Hattie and Henri Sokolich; Audrey, Madison and Sloane Stockwell; Charlie and Ellie Swank; Parker and Payton Timme; Cat and Chloe Toohey; Janie and Robert Weiss; Hugo Willie; and Alistair Wolkoff.

Amazing and grateful thanks to our parent and youth volunteers, without whom the Pageant wouldn’t have been possible:  Ellie Bergquist, Farrell Crowley, Hillary Dutcher, Lynn Eschenbacher, Lily Fouke, Kate Haffenreffer, Sam King, Annie Knapp, Parker Leatherman, Thomas Leatherman, Kate Margulis, Ella Marks, Annabelle Medler, Becca Medler, Grant Nicholson, Kathy Nicholson, Julie Peters, Carolina Sanchez, and Adam Sutter.

Ann Babington
Director of Christian Education