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St. Peter's Interim Rector


St. Peter's Interim Rector

by Jeanie DAvis, Senior WArden

On behalf of the Vestry, I am happy to announce that we have come to an agreement with the Rev. Robert J. Voyle, to become our Interim Rector beginning on March 1st. At the conclusion of our three-day visit with Rob, our clergy, staff and Vestry members were all in agreement that St. Peter’s Church would be fortunate to have Rob as our Interim. Rob was born and ordained in New Zealand. After ordination, he moved to the United States, met and married his wife Kim. They currently live in Oregon, twenty miles west of Portland. Rob wrote, “My personal mission as a follower of Jesus is to be helpful, humorous and healing.” You can find out more about him at appreciativeway.com/faculty/robbio.cfm. Thank you for your continued prayers during this time of transition.

                                                           –  Jeanie Davis, Senior Warden