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Annual Report from the Rector Search Committee

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Annual Report from the Rector Search Committee
Submitted for the January 24 Annual Parish Meeting

The search committee met for the first time on January 18, 2020 to map out the search process for our new rector. Obviously, it has been a challenging year for us all, but with God’s help we are faithfully moving forward on this spiritual journey to find our new rector. Thanks to our parishioners, we completed the congregation self-study portion of the search process in early fall with nearly 200 parishioners participating in the HolyCow! Survey and another 100+ who provided additional inputs in 20 separate Holy Conversations. This was all accomplished in a manner consistent with public health safety measures that were required during a once in a lifetime global pandemic. No one said this would be easy but we were able to complete and publish our parish profile in November and have since waited for the applications to come in.

All applications first go to The Rev. Doris Westfall, Canon to the Ordinary, in the bishop’s office to ensure that there is nothing to prevent the applicant(s) from being considered for the role. The role is also published in the Office of Transition Ministries (OTM) with a separate application with links to our parish profile and Doris also presents St. Peter’s at national conferences for transitional ministries to help get the word out. We have also advertised the role in the Episcopal News Service (ENS) and many parishioners have also shared our parish profile with those they think may be a good fit for our next rector. When application window closes, Doris forwards the applications to the search committee for our discernment to begin.

Doris has remained in contact with us throughout this process and has let us know that applications have been slow to arrive, not only for our role but nationally. The expectation is that the pandemic has slowed applications but she recommended we wait until our closing date (January 15) to decide how to proceed as in many cases, applications arrive at the deadline. She informed us this week that indeed we have received some applications in the last days of the application window and is aware of some additional candidates that are in the process of filing their application paperwork.  Consequently, she has recommended we extend the deadline until February 16 as she is aware of some applicants that are in the process of completing their paperwork. Doris is optimistic that we will have a full slate of candidates to enter discernment with us at that point.

We appreciate your ongoing prayers for the search committee and this holy process. We know that God is present with us and that with hope and God’s help we will soon be welcoming our new rector into ministry with us all.

Respectfully submitted,
Chris Knight
Search Committee Chair