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The Parish Profile

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One of the most important elements of any Rector search is the parish profile. It is designed to introduce potential candidates to life at St. Peter’s, inclusive of everything from our worship and ministry to endowment specifics and the financial support of parishioners. The profile gives insight into the attributes, skills, and characteristics we seek in a Rector, one who will fully engage with the congregation to fulfill our mission to do God’s work in our parish, our community, and our Diocese. It is extraordinarily important to take the time needed to create a profile that is well researched, accurate, and attractively presented. Once the committee has fully engaged the parish, gathered all information, and completed the profile, it will be published on our website.

The Episcopal Church defines a parish profile as follows:

“An instrument that provides important information concerning a parish, including information about the parish's services and programs, budget, parish life and goals, and previous clergy. The standardized form that is typically used for parish profiles is provided by the Church

Deployment Office of the Episcopal Church Center. The preparation of the parish profile may be part of the congregation's work to clarify goals and needs in beginning the search process for a member of the clergy. The work of preparing the parish profile may involve parish meetings, small group discussions, questionnaires answered by parishioners, the leadership of the vestry and wardens, and possibly the help of a facilitator who guides the congregation through the process. The completed parish profile is made available to clergy who may be interested in a call to a position in the parish. The parish profile may be matched with personal profiles of clergy to identify potential candidates for a vacant position.”

Steps the Search Committee will use to create a parish profile:

  • Organize and assist in meetings for parishioners to share thoughts and expectations
  • Gather current financial information on annual giving, pledges, and endowment
  • Describe the history and role of St. Peter’s in Diocese of Eastern Missouri
  • Share our mission and vision for outreach and strong parishioner involvement
  • Gather images and videos of parish life to show the richness of St. Peter’s
  • Create a “To the New Rector of St. Peter’s” letter as an invitation to be considered by a candidate

 The Search Committee is committed to:

  • Pray, listen, and learn together as a committee as well as with the congregation
  • Work with our search consultant and interim Rector to gain professional guidance
  • Meet on a regular basis, 1-3 times per month, or as needed
  • Be communicative and transparent as the process continues