This Sunday: Guest Preacher Brother John

This Sunday: Guest Preacher Brother John

Brother John

This Sunday:  Guest Preacher Brother John

St. Peter’s is glad to welcome as our guest preacher this Sunday, Brother John of the Taizé community.  He will be joined by Brother Emile for the Rector’s Forum.  Born in Philadelphia in 1950, Brother John entered the Taizé Community in France in 1974. In Taizé, among other occupations, he helps the young and not-so-young visitors enter into the world of the Bible. He spends part of his time in the United States and Italy for meetings and prayers with young adults. John is also the author of numerous books on Biblical topics

Taizé is a Christian community in the small town of Taizé, France.  It is much like a monastery.  Unlike any other monastery, the 100 brothers who have committed their lives to the community come from Anglican, Catholic, and Protestant churches and 30 nations.  Taizé was founded by Brother Roger in the 1940s.  Over the years, it became a pilgrimage site for young people from around the world.  Drawn to the simple life of prayer, study, and community, thousands of young people continue to travel to Taizé each year…sometimes as many as 5,000 each week in the summer months!

For more information about Taizé, visit  Please join us in welcoming Brothers John and Emile this Sunday!